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Fundraising for Greek Wildfire Victims in Athens, July 2018

Call for help

After the tragic events of the devastating Greek wildfires in East Attica,  our Community is at the forefront to help our compatriots who suffered this devastation. 

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We need your help
We are a small parish with many needs. We could use your help in many different areas. For example:
1. Keeping the church clean
2. Help with the website 
3. Help with other church activities
4. Help us organize fundraising events
5. Propose ideas of how we can become better

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A Word

from Father Tom
Welcome to our website.

I hope that it will be of assistance to all those who are interested in our Community.

It will be informative regarding our Community life and current events. I also hope to have a regular column explaining certain aspects of Orthodox worship. 

If possible, these articles will also be in Greek if there is a demand for it.

For our newer parishioners we will publish a history of our community from its beginning in 1980.

I would like to thank all those who had an input into the development of this website. I particular, our President, Dr. Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte and the rest of the website team, Theodore K, George Sayeh, Dimitrios Vasileiou-Kalfas and Manuela Kulaxizi. 

Contact details

Where to find us

The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
46 Arbour Hill
Dublin 7

For further information about the Church services please contact Fr. Tom Carroll:
📞050 54 58 49 or 016 77 90 20
✉ fr.tomcarroll -at- gmail -dot- com

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Join The Newsletter

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46 Arbour Hill, Dublin 7, Ireland