Our Community wishes to support the people in East Attica, near Athens in Greece, who suffered last July from one of the most deadly fires Greece has ever witnessed: 96 people dead, about 175 people wounded and thousands homeless. We immediately came in contact with the local church and in particular with Father Nikolaos Poulis, from the Church of the Ascension of the Lord in Rafina, Athens. Months after the event, with the lights of publicity faded, the people affected are forgotten but still in need.

Fr Nikolaos Poulis writes:

"The Church of the Ascension of the Lord in Rafina, consists one of the most affected parishes from the fire of the 23rd of July, with 9 dead and approximately 1000 homes burned down.

From the first moment, we tried to support the people who asked for help in all possible ways. It is difficult to explicitly describe the numerous ways in which our Church stood by the people of Rafina. Let us only mention that currently our Church covers all day-to-day needs of 210 families.

From the 23rd of July a total of 60,000E were distributed to parishioners and about 50000E were used to buy necessary items for the people in need. Apart from that we counted 20,000 meals cooked, distributed 20 tons of water, 50 tons of food, 6 tons of clothes,1000 pairs of shoes, 70 skips, 300 tools, 150 mattresses, 600 duvets etc.

We are currently preparing one Christmas and one New Year's festive meal for 600 people, which implies 450 poultry, 200 kg of cheese, 400 lit of wine, 1000E for toys and 1.5 tons of food.

It is for this reason that we turn to you for support; except for all the above the day-to-day expenses of our parish due to storage rentals, gas, electricity, food etc have climbed to 1700E per week.

Let me say that I am personally grateful to you for your interest and support. May God abundantly bless you, to celebrate a spiritual Christmas!

On behalf of our Church,

Fr Nikolaos Poulis "

We are thus inviting you to contribute to this effort by making a donation to the following bank account:

Greek Orthodox Parish in AIB

9311 5223 4595 24


Please rest assured that all contributions will be send to Fr Nikolaos who will grant us receipts, confirming that our help will reach those in need without any intermediates.  Our Community is a registered Charity (Registered Charity Number 20020187; CHY (Revenue) Number: 8287) and we would like you to rest assured that we will handle your donations with absolute transparency.

Please allow us to gently reminder that our Community does not receive financial support from any official sources, not even for the salary of our priest, but is supported solely from your donations, and we sincerely thank you for this.